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Damien Connolly shares industry insights on Golf Club Talk UK Podcast.

Damien Connolly, our Head of Consulting for mygolfGroup, recently featured on the popular industry-leading GolfClubTalk UK podcast to shares his wealth of experience from working in the golf industry and provides his perspective on the changing face of the golf industry in Ireland.

“Our motto is #alwaysimproving, and we carry that ethos through all areas of our work from the pro-shop to running adverts.”

Chatting with host Leighton Walker, topics covered include how the industry can focus on the future, Damien’s experience working with clubs across Ireland, the importance of clubs running in a more business-like manner and the opportunity to grow female membership.


Listed as one of the Top 20 UK golf podcasts, Golf Club Talk UK provides an entertaining and informative look at Golf Club life in the UK and Europe featuring the latest news and information. The show features interviews with the people that make things happen in the industry but also provides listeners with reviews of clubs that are at the top of their game.

Largely the show will be aimed at people working in the golf industry and who govern clubs. It will aim to provide best practices and take a positive and forward-thinking look at where golf clubs are heading. Visit Golf Club Talk UK - Golf Radio Network for details and check out the latest episodes.



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