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Celebrating #AlwaysImproving: Damien Connolly Attains CCM Certification

mygolfGroup proudly celebrates Damien Connolly's recent achievement in attaining the prestigious Certified Club Manager (CCM) certification from the Club Management Association of Europe (CMAE). With only 78 Certified Club Managers (CCMs) across Europe, including just 15 in Ireland, Damien's journey exemplifies our company ethos of #alwaysimproving. As the Director of Consulting Services at mygolfGroup, Damien plays a crucial role in guiding clubs towards achieving success in the business of golf.

Damien's journey to CCM certification reflects his unwavering commitment to professional development and his dedication to providing unparalleled support to clubs. With the CCM designation recognised globally as a mark of excellence in club management, Damien's achievement underscores the importance of having the most skilled professionals in our consulting business. At mygolfGroup, we understand that the expertise of our team is paramount, and Damien leads by example, continually seeking opportunities for growth and learning.

Under Damien's leadership, our consulting team specialises in governance improvement, business planning, digital management solutions, member engagement, operations organisation and sales and marketing optimisation. Through personalised support and guidance, Damien and his team empower clubs to navigate the complexities of the golf industry successfully. As Damien embraces our company ethos of #alwaysimproving, he remains committed to expanding his knowledge, fostering connections within the industry community, and driving continuous improvement in club management practices.



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Damien Connolly CCM, the Director of Consulting Services at mygolfGroup, brings over sixteen years of experience in the #businessofgolf. Throughout his career, Damien has held various roles in operations, sales, and management, working with renowned venues and management companies. He has also provided consultancy and training to golf clubs across Ireland as part of the Confederation of Golf in Ireland.

Damien's expertise lies in areas such as sales and marketing growth, membership development, governance, operations, change management, and strategic planning.

As the leader of mygolfGroup's Club Consultancy Services, he oversees company operations and works closely with our partners. Damien's primary focus is on guiding clubs towards achieving their goals and sharing best practices to drive continuous improvement within the golf industry.

To learn more, contact Damien directly, arrange a meeting or connect on social media, please visit:



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