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Top 5 Social Media Tips For Your Club

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As part of mygolfGroup's consultancy role with partner clubs, I frequently discuss the importance of social media and how to leverage it effectively. Recently, I came across an insightful report by Syngenta Golf on Golf & Social Media. This report contains some great information on the topic, and I'm excited to share the key takeaways and my top five tips with you. By implementing these tips, your club can improve its social media presence and reap its benefits.

The report revealed that 93% of golfers under the age of 40 use social media platforms on a daily basis, with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most popular platforms. However, only 31% of golfers over the age of 60 use social media platforms, with Facebook being the most commonly used platform.

One of my key takeaways from the report is the concept of insiders and outsiders in relation to social media and golf. Insiders are individuals who are already invested in the sport of golf and are knowledgeable about the game, while outsiders are those who are not familiar with golf and may have negative perceptions about the game.

The report suggests that golf clubs should focus on creating content that appeals to both insiders and outsiders to attract new audiences and promote the sport of golf to a wider audience.

Here are the TOP FIVE tips for golf clubs on social media I took from the report:

  1. Create social media content that showcases the fun and social aspects of golf. Share photos and videos of golfers having a good time on the course, enjoying food and drinks at the clubhouse, or participating in golf-related events. This can help to dispel negative stereotypes about golf and make the sport more appealing to outsiders.

  2. Highlight the health benefits of golf, such as the physical activity and mental relaxation that comes with playing the sport. This can help to appeal to a wider audience, including those who may not have considered golf as a form of exercise or stress relief.

  3. Create engaging content for social media platforms, such as videos and images that showcase the beauty of golf courses and the excitement of the game. For example, posting pictures of well-manicured greens, lush fairways, and beautiful sunsets can capture the attention of social media users and generate interest in the sport.

  4. Partner with social media influencers, such as golf bloggers and Instagram influencers, to promote your courses and events. This can increase the reach of your social media content and attract younger audiences who follow these influencers.

  5. Use social media platforms to promote events and special promotions. For example, promoting a golf clinic or offering discounted tee times on social media can generate interest and attract new customers to the golf course.

It is essential to appeal to both insiders and outsiders when creating social media content related to golf. By showcasing the fun, social, and healthy aspects of the sport, golf clubs and brands can attract new audiences and promote the sport to a wider audience on social media.

In conclusion, the report emphasizes the importance of social media in promoting the sport of golf and engaging with younger audiences. By creating engaging content, partnering with influencers, and promoting events and special promotions, golf clubs can effectively leverage social media to reach a wider audience and increase their visibility.


If you're in the club industry, then is a must-visit resource for you. Their platform offers valuable insights on how to grow the game, implement sustainable practices, and promote well-being. As someone who has worked with different clubs, I've found their Industry Reports to be particularly helpful.

You can download the full Golf & Social Media report via the following link:



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