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Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Wicklow Mountains and surrounded by Blessington Lakes making it one of the most picturesque golfing destinations in Leinster. Recognised as one of Ireland’s top championship courses Tulfarris is enjoying rave reviews from professionals.


Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort


2019 - Present


–  Business Management

–  Sales and Marketing

–  Club Development


–  Business


–  Sales and


–  Club


Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort


While the COVID-19 pandemic has required the club to flexibly adjust to the changing conditions and restrictions throughout 2020 it has seen many improvements. In particular agile tee time, management and marketing activities have seen an increase in online sales of 136% vs the 2019 year even with being closed due to lockdown restrictions for extended periods.

Following the appointment of mygolfGroup, a detailed Full Venue Audit was completed, and a twelve-month development was agreed with the on-site team and senior PREM Group management to target the areas that would have the most impact on the business and meet targets. 
mygolfGroup has worked closely with the Tulfarris and PREM Group teams to implement a development plan.

PREM Group purchased Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort in 2016 and since then have already spent over €6 million on the property to return the luxury 18th century Manor House, surrounding ground and golfing facilities to their former glory.
Following the completion of the renovations, mygolfGroup has been engaged and trusted by PREM GROUP to work closely with the golf operations and management team to provide a Full Services solution to help maximise revenue growth across all key income streams, marketing activity and enhance the golfing experience for both members and visitors.


The Challenge

What We Did

The Outcome

“Since engaging with My Golf Group we have been very impressed with their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the golfing business. They have given great structure to all areas of our golf operations from timesheet optimisation to membership sales, communication and shop fit-out. As a welcomed extension to our existing golf team, the My Golf Group team are extremely personable, professional and knowledgeable and they are helping us position Tulfarris as a top-class golfing destination. We are very pleased with the ideas and fresh perspective they bring to our marketing strategy and we look forward to a prosperous partnership.”

Joanna Doyle, Group Sales & Marketing Manager | PREM Group

​Joanna Doyle, PREM Group

Group Sales & Marketing Manager 

The Tulfarris Stack

Club Marketing

Providing Killarney with tailored revenue generation plans based on our innovative and proven key sales and marketing expertise. Services include strategic planning, proactive sales drives, bespoke design work, revenue management, dynamic pricing, email marketing, digital media, search engine marketing and much more.

—   Green Fee Sales

—   Society Marketing

—   Timesheet Utilisation

—   Marketing Automation

—   Design Services

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Membership Growth

Implementing our proven tools and strategies designed to connect members to the club, improve engagement and satisfaction resulting in improved retention rates and recruitment. This dynamic approach established a solid foundation that leads to long-term success.

—   Member Communication

—   Members Onboarding

—   Event Management

—   Member Survey

—   Design Services

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Full Club Solution

Working with the management committee and venue team to create exceptional guest and member experiences by thoroughly auditing the club, establishing clear KPIs, implementing our operating standards, and providing an unprecedented depth of expertise from our experienced team of industry experts.

—   Operational Processes Improvements

—   Staffing and Recruitment

—   IT Systems Upgrade

—   Team Training

—   Venue Audit & Development Plan

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Meet the people shaping the industry

Since 2008, our award-winning team of industry professionals have led the field of golf marketing, business development and revenue growth.

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