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Kilcock Golf Club is a member-owned club which is located in County Meath and first established in 1984 starting life as a 9-hole course. In 1990 land adjacent to the course was purchased and with the expertise of Eddie Hackett, one of the best-known course designers at the time testing, but fair, 18-hole course was born. 


Kilcock Golf Club


2018 - Present


–  Business Management

–  Sales and Marketing

–  Club Development


–  Business


–  Sales and


–  Club


Kilcock Golf Club


Working closely with the Joint Management Committee, the club has seen a transformation in their business, including increasing all revenue streams. Of particular note, the membership engagement strategies and targeted recruitment drives have seen a 40% increase in membership with the club now boasting over 700 members. The success of the relationship between the companies and the club was cemented with the signing of a seven-year strategic partnership in November 2020.

mygolfGroup and Synergy Golf created and implemented a bespoke plan for the club, which has improved how it runs a business. This has incorporated all areas of the club, including the following solutions.

Kilcock Golf Club endured several tough years during the recessionary period, which saw a decline in revenues, members, and facility conditions. In January 2018 the Kilcock Joint Management Committee (JMC) engaged mygolfGroup, along with our sister company, Synergy Golf to assist them with stabilising, running and advising on all aspects of the golf club. Ultimately the goals were to make the club a sustainable business for the future, grow membership and improve the facilities. 


The Challenge

What We Did

The Outcome

“We are very excited with the appointment of two of the most repeatable companies in Irish Golf (My Golf Group and Synergy Golf) and have no doubt their experienced team will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our golf club. We’re looking forward to seeing improvements to the golf course, our sales & marketing and many other aspects of the clubs business over the coming months”

PJ Gannon, Honorary Secretary | Kilcock Golf Club

PJ Gannon, Honorary Secretary 

Kilcock Golf Club

Kilcock's Stack

Club Marketing

Providing Killarney with tailored revenue generation plans based on our innovative and proven key sales and marketing expertise. Services include strategic planning, proactive sales drives, bespoke design work, revenue management, dynamic pricing, email marketing, digital media, search engine marketing and much more.

—   Green Fee Sales

—   Society Marketing

—   Timesheet Utilisation

—   Marketing Automation

—   Design Services

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Membership Growth

Implementing our proven tools and strategies designed to connect members to the club, improve engagement and satisfaction resulting in improved retention rates and recruitment. This dynamic approach established a solid foundation that leads to long-term success.

—   Member Communication

—   Members Onboarding

—   Event Management

—   Member Survey

—   Design Services

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Full Club Solution

Working with the management committee and venue team to create exceptional guest and member experiences by thoroughly auditing the club, establishing clear KPIs, implementing our operating standards, and providing an unprecedented depth of expertise from our experienced team of industry experts.

—   Operational Processes Improvements

—   Staffing and Recruitment

—   IT Systems Upgrade

—   Team Training

—   Venue Audit & Development Plan

—   Design Services

—   Social Media MGMT

—   Website Development

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Meet the people shaping the industry

Since 2008, our award-winning team of industry professionals have led the field of golf marketing, business development and revenue growth.

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